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Hello everyone!
For the past hour or so, I have been sitting here in front of my computer screen contemplating about what I should include on my "about me" page. It's funny how we know exactly who we are but when asked to write it, we become lost and search for words. I'm mentally exhausted from thinking about what to include on this page to make myself look like an interesting individual and not some boring, hopeless blogger. But then, I would be lying to myself and to you by over-exaggerating my personality and life, right? I'm just going to make this simple, honest, short and sweet. 
Here it goes........
My name is Menaka Sach and I am a nursing student at Ryerson University. As I was growing up, I was lost in the world of the arts, especially dance. I started dancing at the age of 5 and since then, I have been involved in many school talent shows and competitions. I'd like to think that I'm very versatile when it comes to dancing. Some types of dancing that I have done are Indian classical dance (Bharathanatyam), hip hop, reggae, Bollywood and a bit of contemporary. Besides dancing, there are other things that I love to do such as reading about fashion, style, make up, healthy eating and fitness. You can say that I like to research a lot , experiment with my findings and eventually incorporate these newly discovered elements into my lifestyle.
Ever since I started my nursing program, I felt that I was losing touch with my inner beauty enthusiast. For the past few months, I really started thinking about how I'm going to express myself and my passion for fashion and beauty. There were days when I would stay awake for hours thinking about what kind of clothes I can design and put together and what type of make up designs I can create. My mom is a seamstress and seeing her enjoy doing what she does triggered me to search for a solution through which I can express myself thus here I am on blogger.
I wanted the best of both worlds: MyNursingWorld & MyBeautyWorld. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this page to know a bit about me! I really appreciate it! I hope you will check out my blog posts and enjoy reading them! Xo

Menaka Sach

If you have any questions or recommendations
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Email: Menakasachchi@hotmail.com
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