Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Build your Confidence!

Confidence is what makes us feel good about ourselves and allows us to express ourselves in a world in which rejection and negativity are commonplace. As I was growing up, I had a difficult time understanding my own identity and often found myself feeling depressed, miserable and doubtful. In order to feel confident in my own skin and build a positive self-concept, I made several changes in my life.

1) Surround yourself with positive people
Surrounding yourself with positive people is important because they encourage you to form positive thoughts in your life. Negative people will only try to bring you down and point out your flaws and imperfections. When it comes to friendships, think about quality of friends over quantity of friends. And, remember, positive  relationships lead to a positive life.

2) Remind yourself of your worth
Everyday, remind yourself that you are worth it! Look in the mirror every morning and talk to yourself ( this is normal!) and re-evaluate your life, values and beliefs. Ask yourself what changes you have to make today in order to be a better person. On days I feel down and upset,  I post a little sticky note on my dresser to remind myself of my worth and every morning when I get dressed, I look at those sticky notes and  instantly my mood lifts up.

3) Be Nice/Compliment Others
Being nice to others goes a long way. Even if someone is being rude , be nice anyway! Maintaining a positive attitude makes you have positive thoughts and feel positive about life. A negative attitude only makes you feel worse about yourself and does not help improve your self esteem and confidence. Compliment others and let them know they're beautiful. By doing this, you're not only making them feel good and happy, but also yourself.


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