Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Delicious Healthy Snack: Brown Rice Cake

EAT Clean.

I know many of us are on the healthy lifestyle boat which is great because healthy eating is important in order to keep our body and brain functioning effectively.  In terms of maintaining a healthy weight, every little bite we take whether it's junk food or nutritious food counts! I am all for healthy lifestyle. It is important than we fuel our body with nutrients-rich foods. We are what we eat and we are also what we don't eat! However, that does not mean, you go CRAY and completely limit yourself from enjoying some delicious cupcakes and pies! It is okay to occasionally cheat and indulge in some sweets.


The most difficult part about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding delicious and healthy snacks (At least for me!) I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! I can't go a day without sneaking in something sweet into my diet. I have spent sometime at the grocery store analyzing various products and the nutrition value labels. I also did some research online and found different ideas to create delicious snacks for myself and of course for the fellow bloggers.

What you will need:

1) Brown rice cake (Original flavor)
2) Almond butter
3) Cottage cheese (low fat one)
 4) Greek yogurt (any flavor of your choice) 

Brown rice is great to incorporate into your diet because it is more nutritious than white rice and also has a low glycemix index ( low carbohydrates). Greek yogurt is packed with protein.  It is important that whenever you have carbohydrates, you also incorporate some source of protein with it.

How to Make it:
1) Get your brown rice cake
2) Use a butter knife and spread some almond butter evenly on the cake
3) Spread some Greek yogurt evenly on  top of the almond butter
4) add a tbsp of cottage cheese on top!

That's it! You can have it with a cup of tea or coffee between your meals. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to let me know how it turned out for you! Good Luck <3 

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