Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flawless look for a traditional wedding

Today, I had the opportunity to  do my sister's make-up for a family friend's wedding. It was my first time doing a full make-up on someone and I am extremely proud of myself because it turned out so well. I wanted to make my sister look natural yet flawless. These are some of the pictures I took after doing her make-up. Next time, I will ensure to do a before/after so you can tell the difference. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that these pictures were taken with my phone in the washroom. No editing/filter!

She is a true beauty! I love how the makeup looks so natural and beautiful. It accentuates her best features and gives her face a beautiful lift.

I contoured and highlighted her face. You can tell her cheekbones look more lifted because of the contouring in the hollows of her cheeks.

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