Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey fellow bloggers,  I would like to share some of my beauty tips to make your daily makeup routine easier. If you're a beginner to makeup then these tips will definitely help you!

1) Blend Eyeshadows well
Blending your eyeshadows is important to make your eye makeup look professional and amazing.  By blending your eyeshadows well, you are getting rid of the harsh lines that make your eye make-up look unprofessional. When you are using two or more eye shadow colors, make sure to blend well to make the colors mix evenly, thus creating a flawless look. When applying your eye makeup, make sure you use a separate clean blending brush.

2)  Use a piece of tape!
if you are one of those people who has a difficult time keeping the eyeshadows within the outer corner of your eyes, then use a piece of masking tape and tape it, aligning it whatever way you like, depending on what kind of eye-make up you are going for. This is also a great trick to give your eyes a lift by aligning the tape from the outer corner of your eyes outwards and downwards ( like this / ). For those who have down-turned eyes, this is a great way to give your eyes a lift!

3) Vaseline/Almond Oil
Make up can be stubborn sometimes making it difficult to take it off.  Apply a bit of vaseline to a cotton pad and wipe your eye-make up and lipstick off. Almond oil gives you the same effect while leaving your skin looking soft and smooth.

4) Concealer to make your lipstick stand out!

Apply a tiny bit of concealer to your lips before putting on your favorite lip stick! This intensifies the color of your lipstick, making it look more vibrant and beautiful. Be careful not to use too much, a tiny bit of it is enough.

5) Suck your cheeks in!

Suck your cheeks in whether you are applying bronzer, blush, or shimmer. Smiling when applying these will make it look like you applied your product closer to your nose. You want your bronzer and blush on your cheek bones to give your face a beautiful lift.

 Comment below if you have any questions! <3 GOOD LUCK!!

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